Dehydration and Filtration Services

     We have all seen it before, go to check the oil and it looks like a milkshake. This means that water has made its way into your system, this can be from ruptured coolers, environmental conditions, or a whole slew of other factors. Instead of shutting down and having to drain and flush your entire system there is a better option. Energy Hydraulics offers a mobile Vacuum Dehydration Unit that can quickly be deployed to any location. With our top-of-the-line IFS Model UV-30 unit we can filter and dehydrate your entire system while you remain running, reducing downtime and saving you money. No longer will you have to worry about the hassle of what to do with hundreds or thousands of gallons of contaminated hydraulic oil, it can be saved. This makes our system not only cost effective but environmentally friendly as well.

     As well as providing Dehydration Services our mobile unit can also provide filtration for your system to bring it back to the necessary ISO code. Not only do we have advanced onboard filtration, but we also utilize an onboard Particle counter that allows us to actively monitor the condition of your oil without having to send it off for testing. This means that your oil can have a longer service life, saving you money and downtime. Having properly filtered hydraulics fluid is critical to maintaining a well running and efficient system.

     Our Industrial Fluid Systems vacuum dehydrator is capable of processing 1,800 gallons an hour and can reduce water levels to less than 150 ppm and is suited for systems up to 2,200-6,000 gallons. As well as performing a high level of dehydration we are also able to filter and test your oil to an ISO 19001 standard. For more information call us at 318-629-0322 and our expert team will be more than happy to help determine if our system is going to be the best option for you and your business.